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White Walkers: The Definitive 101

After making a brief and altogether terrifying first appearance in the very first episode of Game of Thrones, fans of the series achingly waited almost four further seasons to learn more about White Walkers, the fictional and semi-mythical foe’s of Westeros.

Named by The Verge as the most visually iconic creatures of the show, White Walkers are, however, still something of an enigma. Where in Game of Thrones lore did the White Walkers come from? Who are they exactly? And what are the White Walkers ultimate designs for Westeros?

Terrifying in appearance, HBO presents White Walkers as tolkienesque, frozen orc like creatures. However, unlike the semi-supernatural beings from the Lord of The Rings universe, White Walkers are portrayed as being much more human in regard to mannerisms and appearances. In like manner, the blue glowing eyes and the ability of White Walkers to freeze other beings and materials on contact, lend White Walkers a much more enthralling cinematic presence.

Can White Walkers be killed? Does George R. R. Martin plan to develop White Walker lore further in Game of Thrones? What we know so far from HBO’s adaptation of the ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ series, is that White Walkers can be killed using either dragon glass or Valyrian steel. The only problem is that both materials are a rarity in Westeros. For lovers of Game of Thrones, tension is subsequently building toward the point when the White Walkers do eventually embrace the coming winter and make haste (presumably) towards Kings Landing.

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In fact, the only thing which White Walkers can’t provide Game of Thrones enthusiasts with is a sneak peak at what upcoming revelations there might be in the next season. Will we see more White Walker created Wights? Will Jon Snow ever lay claim to the iron throne? We certainly hope so but that, alas, is in the hands of HBO and George R. R. Martin.