Game of Thrones Questions Season 6

1. Is Jon Snow really dead?


2. Did Sansa and Theon survive their fall from Winterfell?


3. Will Tyrion and Varys get their own spinoff? (We’d totally watch that…)


4. Will Arya ever get her eyesight back?


5. Is Margaery still in Sparrow prison?


6. Can Cersei pull off a pixie cut?


7. Where the hell is Bran?


8. Are the Dothraki pleased or pissed to see Khaleesi?


9. Did Jon Snow ever learn anything before his “death”?


10. Where was Little Finger when all of this back-stabbing and public-shaming craziness was going on?


11. No really, though… where is Gendry?


12. Is The Mountain that huge masked man cradling Cersei?


13. Is Winter still coming?


14. Will Jaime turn that boat around so he can avenge his daughter’s death?


15. Should Myranda’s death have been more brutal?


16. What will Cersei do to that hateful Sparrow woman with the shame bell?


17. Who loves Daeny more: Jorah or Daario?


18. Will Melisandre pretty please bring Jon Snow back from the dead?


19. Where was Ghost when all of this Night’s Watch mutiny was going on?


20. How will Cersei get her Sparrow revenge?


21. Even if Jon Snow really is dead, can Kit Harrington still star in the Game of Thrones Musical?


22. Is Drogon going to be alright, or does he just have acid reflex from eating too many Meereen traitors?



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