Most Underrated Game Of Thrones Characters

10. Ser Pounce


Who?: This list wouldn’t be complete without the inclusion of the coolest cat in Westeros. A long time favourite of book readers, Ser Pounce is one of Tommen’s kittens who nobly managed to evade a skinning by Joffrey. His minor appearance in Season 4 was a high point for some of us and hopefully there is more to come.

Why Should I Love Them?: Well other than having a cuddly demeanour, Ser Pounce is a pretty cool guy and a great friend to Tommen. In the books, Ser Pounce and two other kittens are a gift to Tommen from Margery in an attempt to earn his trust.  What’s more, Tommen also often daydreams about the adventures of Ser Pounce, Lady Whiskers and Boots. Cute eh?

Listen, everyone loves Ghost and Drogon, but sometimes you have to look out for the animals closer to home (and real life for that matter). A dragon can’t sit on your bed or fit through the royal cat-flap can it?

9. Lord Yohn Royce


Who?: Yohn Royce is the Lord of Runestone, a castle in the Vale of Arryn. Yohn is also the father of Waymar Royce, a ranger in the Night’s Watch who appears in the very first episode. Although having only appeared in two episodes Royce appears to be an honourable man and is a friend of Winterfell.

Why Should I Love Them?: At the trial concerning the death of Lysa Arryn, Royce openly insults the devious Petyr Baelish and expresses a protective manner towards Sansa. Points all round there. More importantly, Royce is now the guardian of snivelling Robin Arryn and hopefully he can instil some of his honour into the young lord.

He’s certainly not as gaudy as many of the other characters in the show but he looks like he has a spine, and that shouldn’t go unnoticed in the treacherous realm of Westeros.

8. Quaithe


Who?: Quaithe is about as enigmatic as they come, and for the world of GoT, that’s saying something. Appearing only briefly in Season 2 (episodes 5 and 7), she seemingly has an ability to predict the future and holds a particular interest in Daenerys.

Why Should I Love Them?: Like Melisandre, the masked Quaithe is from the fabled city of Asshai, and anyone that can predict the future is pretty interesting. It is also the sheer level of crypticness surrounding her that makes her worth a second thought, and there are numerous theories to suggest her identity ranging from Shiera Seastar, to Ashara Dayne, to even Melisandre’s sister.

It remains to be seen whether or not Quaithe will appear again in the series, but a meatier role in the books suggests that she might.

7. Hot Pie


Who?: We first encountered the future ‘Great Westeros Bakeoff’ winner in Season 1 being escorted to the Night’s Watch along with Arya. Initially Hot Pie appears as hostile and a threat to Arya and Gendry, but the trio quickly become good friends and manage to escape Harrenhall together before parting at the Inn at the Crossroads.

Why Should I Love Them?: How can you not love Hot Pie? Perhaps he may never sit the Iron Throne, but he provides some great moments of light relief and he also aids Brienne in her search for the missing Starks.

Plus, did you see his second direwolf loaf of bread attempt? That was so cash.

10 Most Underrated Game Of Thrones Characters

6. Osha


Who?: The Wilding-come-Stark Nanny is a fantastic character and a notable example of the moral ambiguity that makes the multifaceted characters in Game of Thrones so interesting. When we first encounter Osha, she and a band of wildings ambush Bran in woods near Winterfell. After being taken prisoner though, Osha sparks an unlikely alliance with the younger Starks and becomes fiercely protective of the little lords.

Why Should I Love Them?: Not only has Osha shown tremendous courage by sheltering Bran and Rickon in the Crypts of Winterfell, she has also proven her fealty to House Stark by protecting Rickon and escorting him to Last Hearth. She’s also pretty good at skinning a rabbit… As the protector of the youngest Stark, Osha will surely have some part to play in Season 6.

5. Greatjon Umber


Who?: The Lord of Last Hearth is one of the most important bannermen of House Stark. He fights for Robb in the War of the Five Kings and is tasked with leading Northern forces to fight in the Riverlands.

Why Should I Love Them?: We’ve haven’t seen the Greatjon since Season 1 but he is a certified badass and shouldn’t be forgotten. When Robb’s direwolf Grey Wind bites off his two fingers, he merely responds with a quip and some laughter. His rousing speech at the end of Baelor, where he shouts “why should they rule over me and mine from some flowery seat in the south?” as he helps crown Robb King in the North is also one of the best moments in the show’s history.

The Greatjon is one of the few Northmen not killed at the Red Wedding and with Osha and Rickon on their way to Last Hearth, we may well be seeing quite a bit more of this formidable Northerner.

4. Meera Reed


Who?: Now, Meera might not be as unknown as some of the other faces in this list, but she certainly doesn’t get the admiration she deserves. She treks all the way from the swampy Greywater watch with her slightly whiny brother Jojen, just to swear fealty to the Starks and help Bran on his whirlwind adventure. That, is commitment to your liege lord.

Why Should I Love Them?: Well, other than the aforementioned pilgrimage to Bran, and her constant protection of their North-bound travelling group, she is the daughter of the legendary (and as of yet unseen) Howland Reed – the guy who allegedly saved Ned at the Tower of Joy.

Also, from what we know of the Reeds, they appear to be one of the most enigmatic and curious houses in the whole series, so it will be interesting to see how Meera’s character develops in Season 6 as she gets cosy with Bran and the Three-Eyed Raven.

3. Brynden ‘Blackfish’ Tully


Who?: The uncle of Catelyn, Lysa and Edmure burst onto our screens with a display of perhaps the best bowmanship we’ve seen in Thrones… It’s a shame it was to set his brother’s funeral boat alight.

After being labelled the ‘black goat’ by Hoster Tully, Brynden pointed out that their sigil was a fish and proceeded to take the nickname Blackfish, even adopting it as his personal sigil. Brynden is also a worthy knight who gained fame in the war of the Ninepenny Kings before aiding Robb in his campaign against the Lannisters.

Why Should I Love Them?: First off, The Blackfish is a well respected and formidable battle commander who has held positions in the Vale and with Robb’s army, but he is also fiercely loyal to his family, as shown by his protectiveness of Cat and his loyalty to Robb.

People are constantly going on about talented warriors in the series and names mentioned are Drogo or Jorah or Selmy but where is the love for Brynden? A man who has fought in numerous wars and is revered throughout Westeros, even by the likes of Jaime. The Blackfish is crucially also one of the last stragglers of Robb’s army, after surviving the Red Wedding massacre by nipping out to relieve himself. Good timing… He’s set to appear again in Season 6.

2. Salladhor Saan

Who?: Initially recruited by old pal Davos to bolster Stannis’ army in the War of the Five Kings, Salladhor Saan’s quick tongue and cheeky humour make him the most endearing smuggler you’re bound to meet this side of Han Solo.

Why Should I Love Them?: Despite revelling in the title of a pirate, Salladhor is actually a pretty nice guy (a prime example of this being when he saves a worse-for-wear Davos following the Battle of Blackwater Bay).

Say what you want about pirates, Salladhor actually seems pretty reliable if you’ve got the gold to tempt him into your service. Plus without Salladhor, we wouldn’t have everyone’s favourite stumpy-handed onion knight.

1. Dolorous Edd

Who?: Edd is a loyal part of Jon Snow’s motley crew at Castle Black and undoubtedly the funniest for his unabashed cynicism. He’s also done pretty well to survive the Great Ranging North of the Wall, the mutiny at Craster’s Keep, the Battle at Castle Black and the massacre at Hardhome.

Why Should I Love Them?: So Edd didn’t kill a giant, and he isn’t travelling to Oldtown to become a Maester, nor is he the 998th commander of the Night’s Watch. BUT, he did command the Wall pretty well for a little bit and, most importantly, he’s hilarious. Whilst perhaps not quite as funny as he is in the books, Edd’s bone dry humour is one of the best things at the Wall and so I bequeath onto you a couple of his best quotes and rest my argument there:

“There’s nothing more sickening than a man in love”

“Aye we left you. You’re fat and slow… We didn’t want to die” 

Honourable Mentions: Kevan Lannister, Jory Cassel, Syrio Forel, Mirri Maz Duur, Gren, Pyat Pree, Edmure Tully & Maester Luwin.


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