The Most Powerful Items In Game Of Thrones

Power. Power! POWER!! At the risk of sounding like a Jeremy Clarkson broken record, the entire world of Thrones revolves around POWER. The pursuit of power, the sustainability of power, the responsibility of power.

The actual game of thrones entirely revolves around ruling the roost, with Petyr Baelish eloquently nailing the situation: “Chaos isn’t a pit. Chaos is a ladder. Many who try to climb it fail and never get to try again. The fall breaks them. And some are given a chance to climb, they cling to the realm or the gods or love. Only the ladder is real. The climb is all there is.”

But walking-talking meatbags alone can’t command ultimate power, we humans are always looking for tools to improve our standing, and in Game Of Thrones, there are plenty of objects that command immense respect and power. Some are powerful through sheer brute force, others relate to magic that we still don’t yet understand, while others are mere symbols of being a big cheese in Westeros.

Here’s some of the most powerful items you could find in Westeros and beyond…

10. Iron Throne


This may be a surprise to be included so early, but what does the Iron Throne REALLY bring you other than a dire death and a whole lot of hassle beforehand? Robert didn’t have full control on his kingdom, nor did Joffrey, and now Tommen has even less.

The boy King is on the verge of losing King’s Landing to the Faith Militant, something that would be unheard of during Tywin Lannister’s time, as it was pointed out in the show. And that says everything you need to know. Tywin was not the King, yet he was the most powerful man in Westeros. Who was second? Arguably Littlefinger, a man who crawled his way up from nowhere. Sitting on the throne is non-essential to gaining power, although intertwining yourself with the man/woman sitting on it may be.

9. Scythe


In terms of brute force, the scythe breaks all. It’s the most immense defence system any man could build into the Wall, with enormous blades being dragged across via a pendulum-like chain.

It is utterly unstoppable, utterly devastating, and there’s simply no way you’d ever survive its sting. That’s not to say there aren’t flaws with it though. I mean, imagine being the guy tasked with reeling it back up to refreeze? Is that even possible? And it’s not like you can use the scythe for anything other than swatting away a few climbers from the face of the Wall. Forget those issues though and look at the weapon itself. POWER.

8. Children Of The Forest ‘Fireballs’


The Children of the Forest are an ancient breed of incredibly powerful beings that were thought to be extinct until they rocked up in the Season 4 finale to rescue Bran & Co.

They’re mysterious, we don’t know a lot, but we DO know that they have experience of dealing with the White Walkers long ago. That could be hugely significant in seasons to come. So far though, we’ve only seen one of their ‘weapons’ that can only be described as fireballs so far. They dispatched the wights, but could they take on the grand daddy White Walkers with the fireballs? You’d have to suggest it’s a possibility.

7. The Strangler


You know that a substance is pure power when a single drop can shape the world. The strangler is the rare, instant-kill poison used in Joffrey’s assassination and can be blamed for an incredible sequence of events in King’s Landing.

Joffrey’s death sped up the race for the Throne, put Tommen in power and subsequently led to the High Sparrow obliterating Cersei’s reputation as well as taking Margaery down with her, plunging the Tyrells into chaos, which could result in them cutting off food supplies to King’s Landing. Meanwhile, Joffrey’s death led many to turn against the innocent Tyrion, leading to trial by combat, leading to Oberyn’s death, leading to Princess Myrcella’s.

6. White Walker Ice Blade


Things are about to get a whole lot colder, with the Wall and everything beyond it set to play host to some of the most critical moments in the entire series. The White Walkers will be at the heart of everything, until somebody finally gets to the heart of a White Walker.

That task certainly isn’t simple. The ice demons come armed with clear swords, incredibly described by George R.R. Martin in the book series as being: “alive with moonlight, translucent, a shard of crystal so thin that it seemed almost to vanish when seen edge-on. There was a faint blue shimmer to the thing, a ghost-light that played around its edges.” They’re incredibly powerful, and will be used to carve a path all the way to King’s Landing if that is the White Walker’s journey.

5. Horn Of Winter


One of the most intriguing items yet to be fully explored in Game Of Thrones is the Horn Of Winter. It may not even play a part, but with the story beginning to drift towards the final straight, questions regarding the horn are going to emerge.

To understand what the horn actually does, there’s a history lesson to be had. Joramun was an ancient King Beyond The Wall, a leader of the free-folk who fought the White Walkers alongside the ancient ancestors of House Stark. They brought down the Night’s King, and his horn was said to possess the power to bring down the Wall. It is alleged that the horn can summon giants from the earth to destroy it. Now think back to earlier in the series, Sam uncovered a horn among the spearheads and daggers. Could he own the one object required by the Night’s King to break through the Wall into the Seven Kingdoms?

Given the fact that there’s also a horn pictured on the front of George R.R. Martin’s next book, I’d say there’s a good chance something may come from it.

4. Wildfire


Wildfire is insane. It’s the perfect combination of devastating and gorgeous, with its green flames able to wipe out entire fleets from one spark. Stannis Baratheon knows all about the stuff, and it virtually ended his claim.

While conquering King’s Landing probably won’t mean a lot if the White Walkers sweep through Westeros and virtually end the world, it’s still a big deal in the meantime. Wildfire protected the Lannister empire and everything it ever stood for. Think back to the timeline of events following Joff’s death. That would’ve all been eradicated had Stannis sat the Throne, while the Night’s Watch would have been utterly screwed. One explosion, one world changed forever.

3. Royal Blood

HBO The English rock duo won’t be taking over Westeros any time soon, but armed with the literal blood of kings, Melisandre has already proven she can produce some insane stunts that could tip the fate of the realm in a whole variety of directions.

During the War of the Five Kings, Melisandre tossed three royal blood-filled leeches into her flames to symbolise the three ‘usurpers’ they wanted dead to aid Stannis’ cause. Robb Stark (GONE), Joffrey Baratheon (GONE), and Balon Greyjoy (unknown in the show). She’s also got the power to summon forth ‘Baby Shadow Assassins’ – for lack of a more accurate term – which could be insanely powerful, and largely unbeatable. Melisandre is expected to play some part in the anticipated ‘resurrection’ storyline at the Wall, with theories hinting that ‘a certain character’ could be filled with royal blood; an effective ammunition supply for the Red Priestess.

2. Dragonglass


In a world that plays host to dragons, magic, ancient races of forest-dwelling demi-gods, you’d expect the second most powerful object to be more than just a crusty old dagger buried long ago by some long-perished warriors.

But when the end days approach, dragonglass could be the decider between life and death of humanity. Dragonglass, forged from the fire of dragons, has magical properties that mean it can actually pierce and kill White Walkers. Sam Tarly discovered dragonglass’ secret after luckily saving himself and Gilly from a walker in the woods. The daggers and arrowheads won’t last long, though Dragonstone is host to an abundance of the material. That will come in very useful.

1. Valyrian Steel


I love the fact that out of everything in the world, a mighty fine sword ranks as the most powerful object around, for several different reasons. Valyrian steel looks and acts like a regular material, but it really can decide the fate of the world.

Swords win battles. Swords. Win. Power. Even in the relatively short-term conflicts around Westeros, swords are clearly essential. They’re effective in so many situations, and as proven by Jon Snow, they can be used to win the real war that’s set to wipe through Westeros. Valyrian steel swords like Longclaw are the only inanimate objects (other than the temporary dragonglass) that is known to bring down White Walkers. Of course, you’d expect Dany’s dragons to come into play, but in terms of objects, Valyrian swords have the powers necessary to literally save the world from oblivion.


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