What “Games Of Thrones” Characters Look Like In The Books

Syrio Forel would be bald.


“A slight man with a bald head and a great beak of a nose stepped out of the shadows, holding a pair of slender wooden swords.” —A Game of Thrones

Tywin Lannister would be bald, with “whiskers.”



“The Lord of Casterly Rock was as lean as a man twenty years younger, even handsome in his austere way. Stiff blond whiskers covered his cheeks, framing a stern face, a bald head, a hard mouth.” —A Storm of Swords

Daenerys Targaryen would have purple eyes.



“They dressed her in the wisps that Magister Illyrio had sent up, and then the gown, a deep plum silk to bring out the violet in her eyes.” —A Game of Thrones

Daario Naharis would look much more “flamboyant.”



“Daario Naharis was flamboyant even for a Tyroshi. His beard was cut into three prongs and dyed blue, the same color as his eyes and the curly hair that fell to his collar. His pointed mustachios were painted gold. His clothes were all shades of yellow; a foam of Myrish lace the color of butter spilled from his collar and cuffs, his doublet was sewn with brass medallions in the shape of dandelions, and ornamental goldwork crawled up his high leather boots to his thighs.” —A Storm of Swords

Ygritte would be a wilder-looking wildling.



“Ygritte’s hair was such a tangle that Jon was tempted to ask her if she only brushed it at the changing of the seasons. At a lord’s court the girl would never have been considered anything but common, he knew. She had a round peasant face, a pug nose, and slightly crooked teeth, and her eyes were too far apart.” —A Storm of Swords

Sandor Clegane’s face would look much more gruesome.



“The left side of his face was a ruin. His ear had been burned away; there was nothing but a hole. His eye was still good, but all around it was a twisted mass of scar, slick black flesh hard as leather, pocked with craters and fissured by deep cracks that gleamed red and wet when he moved. Down by his jaw, you could see a hint of bone where the flesh had been seared away.” —A Game of Thrones

Ser Jorah Mormont would not be as classically handsome.



“Ser Jorah was not a handsome man. He had a neck and shoulders like a bull, and coarse black hair covered his arms are chest so thickly that there was none left for his head.” —A Game of Thrones

Tyrion Lannister would have been much more severely injured in the Battle of the Blackwater.



“Tyrion’s fingers went to the great gash that ran from above one eye down to his jaw, across what remained of his nose. The proud flesh was still raw and warm to the touch.” —A Storm of Swords

He would also have mismatched eyes!
“One green eye and one black one peered out from under a lank fall of hair…” —A Game of Thrones

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